Frequently Asked Questions

A: CrashAdvice is an application that provides its users with the information necessary to navigate through a complex traffic crash case. It helps ensure the appropriate steps are being taken to identify, document and preserve any physical evidence and helps to identify what records or reports to request from authorities. This information may increase the likelihood of reaching an amicable settlement for your client.

A: CrashAdvice is very simple to use. You simply sign-up, and then answer questions about your crash case. The system will continue to prompt you to answer relevant questions based on each answer you provide until all pertenant information has been provided. It then creates a custom report, specific to your case, providing you with the help and answers you need to make the most sense of your complex traffic accident case.

A: These assessment reports provide users with approximately 6-10 page assessment report including suggestions and considerations customized for the user’s specific crash. Suggestions may include preservation of specific types of evidence, request of certain records and specific items which need to be followed-up on in order to properly identify other potential crash issues.

A: In order to evaluate the traffic crash and provide you with the most accurate report possible, the program requires much of the same basic information provided on most traffic crash reports. Some examples of requested information include: location of crash, types of vehicles involved, vehicle actions at impact, weather, roadway configuration and more of this type of input.

A: You may view our sample reports to get a sense of the type of information provided in the end report.

A: The information provided on the report is primarily drawn from the 19+ years of investigating traffic accident crashes experience of Pack's Forensic Recon Services, Inc, and the 1000+ hours of specialized training taken throughout this period of time.

A: In order to get started, you simply register with the application, create a new accident case, and answer multiple choice questions pertaining to the details of the accident. Registration is extremely simple. Once complete, you may access valuable resource links within the website, create new cases, answer questions about the case and generate your unique reports.

A: In order to save your case history, continue to access your reports, and seamlessly start and stop accident assessments, we need to have an account created for you in our system. Don't worry, we don't ask for much information and never share your information with any 3rd party companies or sites.

A: Yes. But you only pay for what you need, on a case-by-case basis, and on-demand. No long-term contracts, nor obligations. You will be promoted to pay prior to creating a new case. This one time fee covers access to all of our resource links and gives you never-ending access to the generated report. If you are interested in purchasing multiple reports at this time, please contact us directly for special pricing for “bulk orders” at

A: You can always contact with any questions you have about our services or with the application. Questions regarding specific accident investigation services should be directed to Pack's Forensic Recon Services, Inc.

A: Yes, of course. It will also remain available and secure in your account online with us. You can log in and view it at any time.

A: Reports are automatically saved and will forever remain in our system, under your account.