Pack's Forensic Recon Services, Inc.

ACTAR Certified #1104

Pack's Forensic Recon Services, Inc. is a full-service Traffic Accident Reconstruction firm located in Lake Mary, FL. With 19+ years of experience investigating traffic accidents of virtually every type and with 1000+ hours of specialized traffic accident training, we provide our clients with knowledgeable insight into complex crash situations throughout the state of Florida and across the southeastern United States. We take pride in providing thorough, accurate and cost-effective results to our clients while ensuring they are kept up to date on their case status throughout our involvement.

Our clients include law firms, both plaintiff and defense, that call upon us to assist with preserving physical evidence at crash scenes and crash-involved vehicles, commercial vehicle accident investigation, black box download/analysis, and specialized vehicular component examinations such as lamps, brakes or seatbelts.

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When dealing with the chaotic aftermath of a traffic accident, we understand the importance of not only knowing "where you stand", but also with whom you decide to stand. Pack's Forensic Recon Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing professional accident reconstruction services that help to answer complex questions as quickly as possible in order for you to know "where you stand". Our training, education and experience allow us to successfully serve clients across the U.S., with services ranging from preservation of the physical evidence from crash scenes and vehicles to complex component exams, and ECM/SDM downloads and analysis.

Using leading edge technology and almost two decades of experience investigating traffic crashes and their causes, Forensic Recon Services, Inc. diligently works to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of potential case issues. Early recognition and identification of these potential issues allow you to make a more informed decision when handling the case or claim and increases the likelihood of an amicable resolution.

We recognize that you have a choice when hiring an accident reconstruction firm and we are proud of our reputation for providing exemplary services our clients in all types of accident cases for almost two decades.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Fully ACTAR Certified for 10+ years (#1104)
  • 19 Years Experience in Traffic Accident Investigation
  • Trained in FMCSR Compliance
  • AL Regional Law Enforcement Academy Instructor (1998-2002)
  • Certified Director of Safety by NATMI
  • More than 1,000 Hours of Specialized Training in Accident Investigation
  • Former Law Enforcement Officer/Trainer in Alabama
  • Qualified As Expert in Accident Investigation In FL, WV, AL, OK, and D.C.

Traffic Accident Investigation Services

In addition to providing traffic accident investigation services to our clients, our unique combination of experience, education and training allows us to offer many specialized services often overlooked by many reconstruction firms. These services include:


Our 19+ years of experience in virtually every aspect of traffic accident cases has proven particularly beneficial to many clients who have found themselves with a "cold case" or one that they have just "inherited". These cases may range from several months to several years old and may have very little to rely upon for an investigation. However, a thorough evaluation of these type cases may identify valuable information initially overlooked which could significantly improve the chances of an amicable resolution of your case.


Pack's Forensic Recon Services also provides customized safety seminars to Fleet vehicle drivers and supervisors. These seminars are intended to reduce costly traffic accidents, out of service violations and citations. These safety presentations can be customized for your specific company or industry to highlight any recurring safety issues or just to reinforce your company's safety position to your drivers. We can review your current safety program for efficiency or help develop and implement a safety program to reduce incidents, improve efficiency and increase your overall productivity.

Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Pack's Forensic Recon Services, Inc. is routinely involved in cases ranging from a few hours old to those that occurred several months or even years ago. Once we are involved, we will work diligently with you to ensure that all physical evidence and any available documents are identified, located and preserved. We strive to ensure that you are made aware of the "circumstances" surrounding a traffic accident as quickly as possibly. Our experience and specialized training typically allows us to quickly identify any "issues" allowing for an informed decision to be made when attempting to resolve the case.

Vehicle Inspections

A detailed vehicle inspection can prove very useful in reconstructing a traffic accident. Not only can it help to identify previous damage, component failures, and improper mechanical alterations but it also serves to document the damage associated with the incident. Properly documented measurements and photographs may be used later to determine crush energy, impact angles, and possibly speed related issues.

ECM/SDM Download & Analysis

Most of today's vehicles are equipped with "black boxes" of varying types that may contain valuable information regarding a vehicle's speed, engine performance and driver response or lack thereof. While the vehicle's "black boxes" can provide valuable information, these reports are not intended to replace a comprehensive reconstruction. Understanding the complexities of these devices and their available information is often imperative to understanding a case's issues.