Crash Advice Helpful Resources

NHTSA Recalls/Complaints

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website allows concerned individuals to determine whether certain components or systems on a specific make/model of vehicle have been reported by other consumers as possibly being faulty. It will also allow you to determine whether a sufficient amount of these complaints have resulted in an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Go to the NHTSA site for more details.

Reference Photographs

This collection of reference photographs include some of the lesser known items frequently relevant in traffic accident cases including physical evidence from the roadway such as skids, gouges and scrubs and also specific parts of vehicles including commercial air brake system components. View all photos

FMCSR Search

This website provides the entire Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in a format capable of searching specific applications or browsing for relevant regulations by vehicle, driver or company.

Commonly Referenced FMCSR Links

Obviously some of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are cited more often in accident cases. This list is a summary of some of the more commonly referenced regulations and their respective locations. Find out more...

Bosch Crash Data Retrieval ("Black-Box") Supported Vehicles

This listing contains the year/make and models of those vehicles capable of storing crash related data which should be secured immediately to ensure valuable data isn’t lost by continued use. View the complete listing

Video Evidence Suggestions

Utilizing a video recorder to document and preserve physical evidence or other relevant information can be very beneficial. However, there are certain guidelines which could prevent this “documentary” video from becoming your “Achilles heel”. Read more...

Photography Tips

While even most amateur photographers are confident in their respective skills, there are certain considerations when documenting accident involved vehicles and crash scenes which should be followed to increase the likelihood of producing useful photographs. Read more...